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Bramka Wifi Gateway Piri

Smart motion sensor

Discreet protection of your home.
Watches day and night.
Easy to assemble, wireless

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for full operation is required to connect to the WIFI gateway

modern design and small size

battery status report

automatic support for increasing the stability of the detector to avoid false alarms

easy and non-invasive assembly without cables

low energy consumption, battery life is 1-2 years

ZigBee technology

Dual temperature compensation technology enhances sensor sensitivity for temperature jumpes

control by the mobile application

Smart motion sensor functions

real-time reporting of sensor operation

Report - whether the alarm is on or off, you always have information about each event

Discreetly and effectively

Leaving Mode - when no one is home, all sensors are active

Real-time alarm - when the alarm is turned on - you will receive a visual and audible notification, whether the sensor detects movement or has attempted to disassemble

Notifications - you will always find out first

Specyfikacja techniczna

Working voltage

Pobór alarm




Pobór ststycz

Bateria CR123A



Temperatura pracy

ZigBee sieć ad-hoc, ≤30mA

-10ºC ∼ +50ºC

Sieć odległość

Wilgotność robocza

≤30m (w otwartej przestrzeni)

5%∼95% RH 



Do 12m; kąt 110 stopni


Notifications and alerts in real-time

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